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Our commitment

Our 4 Pillars

Personal in our approach

We believe longevity is a powerful asset that will enable your growth.

That is why your dedicated Partner will take the time to understand your background, priorities, financial goals and most importantly, your aspirations while keeping in mind that situations can change over time.

By adopting a goals-based financial planning approach, we tailor solutions that are right for you time-after-time, at any stage of your life.

Taking Proactive steps

Due to the fast pace of modern life, your current needs and situation can change rapidly.

Through financial modelling, we are able to provide an analysis of the actual vs the projected range of possible outcomes of your investments. By continually monitoring your investments, reviewing regularly and making adjustments where necessary, we are able to ensure you remain on track to achieve your goals even when life takes an unexpected path.

Strong morals and being Principled

Transparency, fairness, compliance with our business’ regulatory and legal responsibilities are key attributes in our business.

Your financial wellbeing is our priority and we strive to give you the peace of mind of being looked after by qualified professionals who are trustworthy, with a strong sense of ethics.

Seeking Prosperity for you and our community

Prosperity is a mindset. We believe in making a positive difference to the people in our communities through financial wellbeing workshops.

We contribute to the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation which supports people’s lives in Singapore and across the world. As our client, you can be part of these initiatives and contribute to greater prosperity for our wider community.

Our corporate governance
and ethics

In keeping with the ethos of St. James’s Place, we conduct our business with the highest level of ethical behaviour every day. We promote this commitment with solid policies and practices regarding fair, ethical and honest business dealings.

Philanthropy and community involvement,
our culture of giving

We are a team of dedicated people who support various charities, social enterprises, NGOs, and clients’ social causes through various volunteer and fundraising programmes.

As part of the St. James’s Place community, we also regularly take part in charitable causes in support of the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group, which has raised and distributed over £100 million to thousands of charities across Asia and the UK.

In the most recent fundraising event in 2021, our team raised more than S$7,000 within 2 months in the virtual run and cycle challenges in support of the Charitable Foundation. With every dollar matched by the company, the collective funds raised through the initiative has helped many more charities to continue their valuable support services to those who need them most, especially in the face of the global pandemic.

Building a lasting legacy with you

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